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What’s The Big Idea?

Idea Generation: How Do You Get Yours? I’ve previously written on finding your creativity during a writer’s block – Five Tips to Help Find Your Creative Writing Mojo Again – or in fact, any block in creating, not just for writers. But let’s just assume you’re already feeling as creative AF and now you need […]

Here’s To The Creatives

Wow. It’s almost eight months since I’ve actually managed to write anything for myself. My workload has been ridiculously heavy of late, with various projects running at the same time. Now that has eased, I can finally sit down and muse over topics that interest me. Today, it was creativity and our children. Home-Education Consulting […]

No Gadgets Day: A Lesson on Living in the Present

Oh, the horror. I woke up this morning and instantly reached over to check the time on my iPhone , only to find the phone missing. Instead, it had replaced by an *actual* alarm clock of the retro, non-digital variety, and this hand-written note: No Gadgets Day So the almost-12-year-old had decided that she’d seen enough of […]

Little Vermillion-Red Riding Hoodie: A Thoroughly Modern Fairy Story

At approximately 10.00hrs on a Saturday morning, Little Vermillion-Red Riding Hoodie (known as Little Red for short) was helping her mother unpack the Waitrose shopping delivery, in exchange for cold hard cash. Her mother asked Little Red to pop over to Granny’s house with some raw milk, free-range eggs and organic grass-fed butter. She reminded […]

Five Tips to Help Find Your Creative Writing Mojo Again

And then it strikes. The empty-headed, no-words, holy-shit-what-am-I-going-to-do? feeling. I’ve had my fair share of word-droughts over the years and I know that writer’s block or whatever you want to call it, does exist and is a very real experience. Of course, plenty of people state writer’s block is a nonsense and, *shock, horror*, just […]

Have You Got Time? Five Tips For The Freelancer

It’s a daily battle. Time management, that is. I honestly feel like a professional juggler some days, where I have a task spinning in one hand whilst weaving wordy magic with the other. It all depends on how and where you work too. For the most, I work from a beautiful creaky antique writing bureau, […]

Hello and welcome to The Write Type!

Welcome to my new website here at The Write Type! I’ve been busy rebranding from my old writing pen name of Precision, to a more up-to-date me. This website is ongoing in its design and content. You’ll find my blog filled with a variety of writings, from social media-related tips and thoughts, to musings on […]